Katia Oloy

Illustration Design Visual Development

a. Hello!

I am passionate
about making beautiful work.

My name is Katia, I am a rainbow unicorn who came to America from the USSR, I speak several languages, and I live in a dome (yes, a DOME!) in Los Angeles, CA.

I specialize in visual development and illustration. I have worked in games, print, consumer products, film, marketing, and animation.

b. Service

User Interface

I've designed for web and mobile experiences, from interactive stories to successful mobile games, I can create beautiful and successful designs that excite Users.

Consumer Products

With several years of experience designing packaging, mechanicals for pins for Disney, and bigger-than-life standees for use in movie theater experiences as well as show room displays, I can bring all sorts of consumer products to reality.

Games & Mobile

I've launched iOS and Android games Dice with Buddies, Yahtzee with Buddies, Dice with Ellen, Wheel of Fortune, and BuzzFeed's Land of Boggs (which was developed in ONE QUARTER!)


I thrive in fast-and-dirty conceptual stages, world and character building, story development, storyboarding, and building style guides for film and broadcast as well as the soup to nuts of prototype to final product on game and app development.

Graphic Design

Designing with intention establishes trust with your audience, and my attention to detail on line, color, composition, and typesetting has elevated projects and offered solutions for complex technical projects.

Animation & Film

I started my career at Disney, and have since worked on all facets of animation and film, from pre-production, asset design, storyboarding, motion graphics, compositing, and marketing including key art and consumer products.

I'm always open for new adventures & offers.

c. Clients

"Katia has a true love for the craft of animation. She is extremely enthusiastic and has a talent for visual development. She is fun to work with and she brings energy and vitality to the projects that she works on. I hope that we will get to work with her again soon."

Brad Graber

CEO Powerhouse Animation

d. Principles


beauty comes from intention

The human eye loves structure, and our minds respond to logic. I approach my work with a goal and purpose in mind. Cultural references, leading the eye through composition, using color to highlight the focus of a piece are just some of the ways I like to shape the experience and tell a story for an audience.


curiosity drives soltuions

Asking questions, pushing for optimization in the pipeline, and relentless research has elevated my work beyond turn key solutions. I want to know why we're doing something so that we can make the best work possible with that question in mind.


flexibility weathers

Working in entertainment, being flexible has served me both as a creative and as a peer in the inevitable thick and thin of a project's lifespan. A palm tree bends in the storm so that it can stand tall in the next day's sun.

e. Tools

I'm using everyday.


f. Portfolio

Eye Candy

I've been involved in a variety of projects over 10+ years in the entertainment industry.

See Portfolio

g. Commerce

Check out some of the Procreate tools I've built for artists like myself looking for that one brush no one else seems to have. My favorite brush set is Glitch Witch, I was desperate to recreate the "broken screen" effect and after a few days of searching I sat myself down and made a whole variety of pixel and "visual distress" brushes. I pride myself on my skillset as an illustrator and storyteller, I am constantly pushing myself technically by exploring how to make my tools better and how to optimize my work flow even it means getting a little dirty with coding or back end research on how a program works.


Much like my professional work, my Etsy store came out of a desire to create something for myself that isn't out there. My first product was in 2017 selling enamel pins from a KONAMI game called Para Para Paradise. Now, I sell stickers, which I develop in Illustrator, personally manufacture, process, and then package. My proudest product right now are the Overwatch Ult stickers. Not only because it's a very unique design I have seen no one else make, or because it's holographic and 100% on brand for the Blizzard game, but because I've designed and included an insert with a QR code to explain to my customers how to apply their stickers. Having a hands-on experience as a small seller gives me valuable insight and has cultivated a great deal of respect for what my colleagues in marketing, business, and production do in my professional projects.


My biggest focus outside of my artwork is normalizing and talking about mental health in a productive and de-stigmatizing way. Did you know that over one third of the population suffers from some form of anxiety? And that another third suffers from some sort of drug addiction (that is often tied to coping from a mental health issue)? That means that being neural-normative is technically not the norm! I wrote this book based on my art therapy sessions, and in it, I cover my anxiety, depression, and (content trigger) a suicide attempt. It is for sale on Amazon however it is free on Kindle because I believe everyone should have access to solidarity and resources in regards to mental health.


h. A little about me...

I immigrated from the Soviet Union (I was born in what is now Odessa, Ukraine) when I was two years old and grew up in Los Angeles. I speak Russian, some French, and am currently learning Japanese.

I suffer from Depression and Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and it is my hope to normalize neuro-divergency through awareness and as a result, understanding and compassion.

I love to drink tea, often visit gardens, and play video games in my free time.

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